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Home inspection
Home inspection

Cheap home inspections prove to be very expensive in the long run, owing to unnoticed damages. Hire Valley Inspections to inspect your new home thoroughly before you move in. Be sure that our professionals will also check for water or sewer leakages.


Whether it's the exteriors or the interiors of a property, get your premises checked completely by our trusted and knowledgeable technicians. With our inspection report that outlines all the possible damages, you can easily negotiate the price of a property with the seller.

Our team will point out all the issues about your house's condition that need immediate attention. Once our task is completed, you will receive an inspection report from us, which will contain a detailed summary of all the problem areas.


Speak to Rich at 707-332-0030 to learn about our efficient inspection services. Valley Inspections does thorough checks for residential properties, mobile homes, and commercial buildings. We perform commercial inspections too.

We've been in the business since 2000. Call us for quality home inspection services.


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